Our Design Process

Initial Meeting


In this process our designer and operations manager meet with our clients and go through their wants and needs, preliminary ideas and get a rough game plan together.

Concept Design


Having met with our clients our designer then takes the ideas and concepts and puts them together to create the starting point for our new landscape drawing.

Drawing/Design Review


After completing the concept design, our designer meets to present our client with the drawing to go over things and make sure we are headed in the right direction. Changes if any are noted and taken back to the office.

Finalization of Drawing


Our designer takes the concept drawing, the notes created at the design review and makes and changes necessary. At this point the drawing/design has taken shape and is ready for client approval.

Client Approval


In the part of the process our designer and operations manager meet with the client to present the completed drawing and get the client to sign off. The drawing is ready the construction drawings.

Construction Drawings for Team


At Pure we believe that most mistakes in the landscaping world don't come from the improper design, they come from the miscommunication between drawing perception and construction perception. This is why we offer complimentary dimensional  construction drawings so client and construction team stay on the same page.